Character & Spiritual Building

Do you care about your family, friends and nature around you? At Tiga Titik, we invite to experience a more enjoyable learning experience. With learning methods that involve freedom of responsibility, learners are invited to cultivate and develop their spiritual character and capacity.


Field Trip & Live In

Learning will be more fun when directly involved in real situations. We invite the learners to feel directly and get involved in real situations that have never been felt before. By entering into the experience, learners can feel challenges and difficulties outside themselves and can feel the difficulties of others. For us, learning is not just an activity in the classroom, but also how to invite learners to understand the social situation around us. 



Playing some games and doing a lot of physical activities is not just about having fun, but we can learn something from that. At Tiga Titik, we learn how to develop good characters and also good values through a series of fun, challenge, physical and mental activities and games.


Outing and Gathering

Everybody need a “stop” from their daily activities. Experiencing a “stop” moment together with your friends, family or working partner will make you happy and better. Happiness will be arise and are expected to become a renewed energy when returning to their daily activities. At Tiga titik, we also do it. Not only work together but also have fun together.